This Hot New 3-Day Experience Reveals "AI Marketing Secrets" Top Influencers Are Using To Grow On Social Media, 20X Your Productivity, And Make More Sales

Elevate Your Business & Your Network... By Immersing Yourself Into

Build Your Brand Live, The Most Anticipated 3-Day AI Marketing Event Of 2023!

Elevate Your Business & Your Network... By Immersing Yourself Into Build Your Brand Live, The Most Anticipated 3-Day AI Marketing Event Of 2023!



This Just In...


If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or business owner you’ve probably already noticed…

The days when you could post content consistently…

Effortlessly skyrocket your following…

And attract an abundance of high-paying clients to your business are gone. They’re over. No more.



You see, because of AI, Anyone can now produce quality content in a matter of just seconds…

Which means, it’s become more competitive than ever to make your business stand out online!

The reason: the more people are able to produce quality content faster that targets your ideal audience, the fewer eyeballs you’ll have to go around.

And that means...

There's Less Visibility, Less Leads,

Less Sales, And Less Profits Left For You!

I mean, just take a look around…

If you have an online business that depends on social media for traffic, you’ve probably already noticed:

❌ Ad costs are through the roof…

❌ Getting your business to STAND OUT on social media is an absolute nightmare…

❌ Customer reach is HALF of what it used to be…

❌ And what worked just yesterday... is no longer working today.

So what can we do?

OPTION 1: Do What Everyone Else Is Doing!

We complain about it…

We get scared about AI and rush to adapt it into our businesses because if we don’t we’ll “get left behind”...

As we slowly but surely, dilute our brand and make our business just like everyone else’s — COMPLETELY INVISIBLE!

OPTION 2: Use AI To Do Something

Very Few People Have Figured Out!

You can leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to not only save you a huge amount of time and money when it comes to creating content for your business…

But more importantly, you use them to:

✅ Create a captivating brand…

✅ Boost your credibility…

✅ Magnify your reach…

✅ And effortlessly stand out online…

You see, the solution to making your business more competitive-proof isn’t to get lost in the clutter of AI generated content...

Instead, it’s to leverage these AI tools to help you create an irresistible brand online…

A brand that deeply connects with your audience…

And positions you as the go-to authority in your industry!

Because in the age of AI, that's the only thing that's going to matter…

And That’s Exactly What We’ll Show You

How To Do Inside Build Your Brand Live!

And That’s Exactly What We’ll Show You How To Do Inside Build Your Brand Live!

Our brand new 3-day in-person event...

Where we’ll be bringing some of the top coaches, speakers, and business owners in the world to show you exactly how they’re leveraging AI in their businesses to build irresistible brands online..

...Increase their visibility, amplify their exposure, and make more sales!

(While still sharing their authentic message in a unique and powerful way.)

Inside, we've personally curated the top 1% of coaches and business owners who are IN THE TRENCHES today…

And invited them to come and show you exactly what they’re doing to get the wealth, spotlight, and recognition you deserve!

And when you join us for the Build Your Brand Live Event you’ll get the rare opportunity to step into their shoes…

Think like they do…

And experience epiphanies that could transform your business almost overnight.

You'll literally be sitting in a room with HUNDREDS of other amazing coaches and business owners who've built 7, 8, and even 9-figure brands..

It's Like 3 Events... In ONE!





On Day 1, you'll discover our PROVEN shortcut to no longer being the best-kept secret in your industry, which allows you to finally get the exposure and recognition you deserve...

Without having to spend 3-5 years building a social media following or even a single penny on ads. On top of that, you'll discover...

  • How to master your messaging, pinpoint your target audience, and become crystal clear about your unique selling proposition

  • Our step-by-step process to building a loyal fanbase (so you can shortcut your results)

  • How to use your life experiences to craft the perfect story that moves audiences into trusting and connecting with you instantly (even if they never heard about you...)



On Day 2, we'll reveal the exact "step-by-step process" we followed to scale our business to multiple seven figures in less than 6 months...

...and show you how you can do the same using the power of traditional media, social media, and artificial intelligence...

Plus, you'll discover...

  • How to leverage AI to generate more leads, sales, and profits for your business (...without coming off as salesy or opportunistic)

  • ​The little known loophole/trick to scale your business to 7-figures (and how to use it for your own company)

  • How to tap into your dream clients desires, wants and needs and present them with a perfect offer that has them begging to buy from you over and over again.



Day 3, is all about creating an upward spiral of momentum, motivation, and confidence so you can effotlessly build your brand and absolutley crush any form of self-doubt that comes your way...

On top of that, you'll discover:

  • How to develop the confidence to spread your message, speak on stage, and build your brand on social media (even if you consider yourself an introvert)

  • ​How to dazzle any audience and deliver the perfect pitch so you can sell anything… without sounding sleazy or “sales-y”

  • Jen Gottlieb's time-tested frameworks for developing unshakable on-camera confidence and crushing your next media appearance with ease.



Gabby Bernstein

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Eric Thomas

World-Renowed Speaker

& Entrepreneur

Billy Gene

AI & Online

Marketing Expert

Jen Gottlieb

Co-Founder Of

Super Connector Media

Chris Winfield

Co-Founder Of

Super Connector Media

Lori Harder

Host Of The 'Earn

Your Happy' Podcast

Dan Fleyshman

Founder Of

Elevator Studios

Lindsey Schwartz

Founder of

Powerhouse Women

Dr. Alok Triveti

aka Dr.


Dr. Joseph Nantomah

aka "The

Black Mentor"

Jason Phillips

Founder, The Nutritional Coaching Institute

Naaman Taylor

Real Estate


Ulyses Osuna

PR & Media


Laurence Gunter

Marketing &

Funnel Expert

Venna Jetti

Founding Partner of

Vive Funds

Amy Lacey

Founder of

Cali'flour Foods

B. Simone

Influencer With Over

10M+ Followers on Socials

Cody Sperberg

aka "The Clever


Jeff Fenster

CEO of


The Absolutely Gorgeous Hyatt Regency Hotel!

Dallas, Texas

This year's Build Your Brand Live by Super Connector Media 3 day event will be hosted for the first time ever on the Hyatt Regency in beautiful Dallas, Texas.

Located downtown next to an iconic Dallas landmark Reunion Tower, Hyatt Regency Dallas is at walking distance to the best of the city.

We recommend flying in a day or two before the event starts to get checked in early and avoid the long lines on the day of the event.

Once you fly in to the Dallas Airport, you can easily call for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to the Hotel. Room booking information will be supplied in the following weeks upon ticket purchase.

October 20th-22nd

Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, TXs

Claim Your Build Your Brand Live Tickets

For the first time ever, Build Your Brand Live is headed to Dallas, running from October 20th to October 22nd at the fantastic Hyatt Regency. Placed right in the heart of Dallas, the Hyatt is just 20 minutes away from Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport.  Remember, seats are strictly limited. Once we sell out, there’s no second chances. 

General Admission

  • Full Event Access

  • 1-on-1 Virtual Coaching Session

  • Access to Exclusive Networking Sessions

  • ​Virtual 360 Interactive Experience

  • Virtual Pre-Event Training

  • Private Facebook Access

sale price


full price $1,997

Only 49 left at this price!



Everything in General Admission, plus:

  • ​O​pen Q&A With Chris and Jen During Lunch on Day 1 & 2

  • ​VIP Reception

  • ​Access To VIP Lounge

  • ​Early Access To Seating and Registration

sale price


full price $5,997

Only 9 left at this price!

Access Pass

Everything in VIP, plus:

  • Speaker Meet and Greet Opportunities

  • Private Pre-Event Networking Reception with Chris and Jen.

sale price


full price $9,997

Only 5 left at this price!



Maggie Berghoff Case Study

"The Second I Started To Get On TV People Started Viewing Me As The Expert"

"I had no connections and no one knew who I was, but this event brought connections into my life that I wouldn't have otherwise and it accelerated my business in ways that I couldn't have ever imagined. The second I started to get on TV people started viewing me as the expert."

Tonya Harris Case Study

"This Event Has

Changed Everything For me..."

"When I first attended the event I didn't even have a business in place, but I knew this event would be the kind of event that would propel me forward. Chris & Jen events have changed everything for me. It's so amazing the people that you meet here and how they're all willing to help."

Mike Zeller Case Study

"The Only Event That Lets You Connect With Hundreds Of People From The Media..."

" This is the only event I've been to thus far that is really intentionally designed around cultivating media connections and getting you amazing media placements. I would recommend for any entrepreneur that wants to be known and appreciated for the expert they are."

Dr. Wayne Pernell Case Study

"I've Been Featured On KTLA Los Angeles, CNBC, and The New York Times..."

"Since the event, I've been able to put myself in front of so much media. I've been featured on KTLA in Los Angeles, CNBC, The New York Times and a boatload of other top media outlets - The opportunities have been incredible. Thanks Chris and Jen!

Amy Lacy Case Study

"The ROI Is Incredible. I Got A 6 Figure Book Deal From Unfair Advantage Live..."

"When I went to the event for the first time my business had gone from -$269,000 to $5.2 Million. A year after the event my business was worth a little over $20 million and I closed a 6 figure book deal. You can't even count the ROI on that. It's been incredible."

Marla Mattenson Case Study

"3 Weeks Later I Had My My First Article Published At Entrepreneur Magazine"

"3 weeks after attending the event I had my first article published on Entrepreneur Magazine and on the flight back from NY I met the president of CBS who decided to do an entire segment on me. If I hadn't said yes to the event non of this would've happened - Thanks Chris!"

We Sell Out Fast!

Our previous events usually sell out early EVERY single year.

That’s not to brag (while it does make our hearts swell with love... ;)

That’s to let you know if you plan on attending this year, then you need to act NOW.

The gorgeous space we acquired is LIMITED when it comes to seating... and we have a cap on how many tickets we can sell.

So once we sell out of our tickets, then that’s it... they’re gone for good.

(Plus, when you have an amazing speaker line up like the on we have for this event, full of people who OVER-DELIVER every single time— then yeah, you tend to sell out fast...)

Now look, we’re not gonna try and “hard sell” you on this opportunity.

Because truthfully, only YOU know whether or not this feels right for you.

YOU have to decide whether or not you want to take your business to the next level and build a profitable brand

YOU have to decide whether you want to actually finally ACHIEVE everything you’ve worked so hard for.

The freedom.

The money.

The exposure, spotlight and recognition you deserve.

We can’t decide that for you.

But as two business owners who’ve been in your shoes… and faced the same self-doubt you likely face now…

All We Can Tell You Is…

It’s ALL Worth It

Just the satisfaction alone… having your friends, family, and colleagues (even the ones who never believed in you) congratulate you in disbelief...

Because you were SMART enough and BRAVE enough to put yourself out there, build a brand, and finally "make it".

All while making a living doing what you love.

That’s a damn sweet feeling.

I mean, just imagine feeling in complete control of your life, your income, your career, and your business in a way you can barely wrap your head around now...

Because you've FINALLY unlocked the secrets to generating more leads, sales, and profits for your business in just a fraction of the time.

Imagine having your brand blow up to 6, 7, 8 figures or more...

And feeling absolutely confident every time you launch an offer instead of feeling anxious, stressed out, and nervous like you did before.

Imagine NEVER AGAIN having to feel like you're the best kept secret in your industry...

Because you FINALLY have the following, exposure and recognition you deserve.

This Is ALL Possible For You…

You’re Closer To Living This Life Than You Realize

All you need is someone to “open the door” for you.

Someone to help you make the right connections… that can change your life forever.

We can BE that guide for you.

We’ve ALL had help on our path to the top.

And now… we want to invite you through the gates… and give you that “push” you need to alter the trajectory of your life FOREVER.

It just takes one key insight.

One connection.

One conversation… to change EVERYTHING.

And we’re willing to introduce you to ALL the right people… to make sure that breakthrough happens for you.

All you gotta do… is show up…

...and join us for the Build Your Brand Live event now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Build Your Brand Live For?

Build Your Brand Live is for coaches, experts, entrepreneurs, consultants, and anyone with a personal brand, or who is ready to turn their personal expertise into a personal brand. If you’re ready to accelerate your brand’s development, whatever stage you’re at, Build Your Brand Live is for you.

When and Where is Build Your Brand Live?

Build Your Brand Live 2023 is running at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas, from the 20th to 22nd October - with an exclusive networking evening on the 19th for All Access attendees.

Who’s Coming to Build Your Brand Live?

Build Your Brand Live will be welcoming experts from practically every industry, from lifestyle coaches to doctors, course creators and more. 

What is the Schedule for the Event?

Build Your Brand Live will run from 9am to 5pm every day, though the exact running time will vary depending on the day.

Are There any Opportunities for Networking?

Absolutely! One of the big lessons we teach everyone is to make the most out of networking opportunities, so we’ve set aside time to meet your next big contact for everyone attending the show.

Are There any Special Room Rates Available?

Yes! When you book your ticket, we’ll send you information and a booking link for the room block we have reserved and the deals are UNREAL!

Do I Need to be an Established Entrepreneur to Attend?

No - While Build Your Brand Live is geared towards established entrepreneurs, the lessons you learn through the event are going to be invaluable for experts at any level.



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